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We understand that the inevitable capability gap cannot be effectively resolved by simply reallocating labour from around the business — availability is not a skill. We deploy highly experienced and skilled people and a range of proven tools to make the most impact on your ability to win. The start-up phase of any programme is critical; setting the tone for the whole undertaking both inside the organisation and outside across the supplier network and with the customer.

Mobilising programmes invariably face significant challenges.

Harmonic Inc.

These include the retention of corporate knowledge from the pursuit phase and the high risk and high cost of deploying the delivery team in advance. This leads to pressure on delivering early milestones, exacerbated by the need for key staff to focus on the resourcing effort. This allows them to concentrate their core team in the right areas and identify where we will take responsibility so that between us, we ensure early delivery performance. Large complex are always subject to some level of volatility in capability demand that is difficult to plan for and support, especially when other programs are suffering similar pressure.

This volatility results from a whole range of events including customer internally driven change, risk mitigation, changes in regulation etc. The typical response to this is the hiring of temporary agency staff at short notice that eats time and typically results in a sub-optimal solution: Complex programmes, particularly those won in fierce competition, invariably contain a significant level of risk and a proportion of these will face challenges that are beyond the capacity and potentially experience of the existing team to resolve. Typical responses to this situation, such as a more frequent reporting or throwing in additional resources places even greater demands on the existing team and are often counter-productive.

We have an objective and practical approach to identifying what needs to be done which supports the existing team in solving their problems, without placing additional burdens on them.

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We work collaboratively with key stakeholders in the organisation, their supply network and often their customer to identify the issues and establish and embed practical measures for recovery and to avoid re-occurrence. We deliver winning proposals through pragmatically deploying specialists and best practice tools and techniques to ensure effective execution of the win strategy. We can provide support to single bids through to providing a turnkey bidding operation for the entire enterprise.

We leave our clients better equipped to win and deliver key contracts. In addition to delivering capability improvement initiatives we also seek to provide targeted upskilling of the client team via a range of mechanisms including shadowing, mentoring, coaching or training throughout an engagement. We ensure that client solutions are both competitive and deliverable by bringing together programmatic and engineering capabilities into an integrated whole that addresses the wide range of stakeholder drivers and interests.

We help our clients make better decisions and achieve outcomes fully aligned to their strategic objectives. We do this by providing a consistent governance capability at portfolio, programme or project level that provides high quality management information founded on planning, risk and opportunity management, change control and reporting.

We deliver client outputs and outcomes. We do this by combining project and programme management, systems engineering and specialist expertise to help shape the delivery response on major bids, manage the delivery of projects and programmes and advising on the shape and scope of portfolios. All critical roles filled by our in-house experts. The overall performance of our engagements is overseen by a Value Manager to ensure that our team is fully aligned to client objectives as well as meeting contract obligations.

Within Harmonic, engagement success is formally measured by client satisfaction as a lead measure. Our in-house team is supplemented as required by known and trusted associates or partners selected for their expertise and a belief and behaviour set that aligns to those of Harmonic. We invest heavily in our associates such that they become indistinguishable from our own staff.

The blended Harmonic led, Associate supported model enables us to deploy the right expertise at the right time to meet specific client needs. Harmonic is uniquely placed to address every aspect of business winning and has the scale to support multiple large concurrent capture and bid activities. We blend recognised best practice with practical experience of what really works to deliver required outputs and benefits at minimal cost.

The Harmonic Difference

We ensure that organisations and technical solutions are developed and fully aligned to meet strategic and operational objectives. Our market, business function and technical specialists provide invalueable insights to drive client winning and delivery success. We ensure that the right projects are undertaken in the right way and in the right order to achieve the required outputs and benefits.

Welcome Harmonic is a specialist delivery and business winning partner to organisations operating in complex and transformational environments. Current examples of this include: We help you achieve the right to win consistently within your chosen markets, aligning your capability to that required.

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Harmonic has a structured and objective approach that ensures you always know how you are going to win. Good win strategies are often wasted. We have a proven, practical approach that ensures the win strategy actually drives the whole bid effort. Mobilising large complex programmes is extremely difficult since no company can carry the necessary spare capacity. We structure mobilisation, allowing you to concentrate your core team in the right areas and identifying where we will take responsibility.

All large programmes suffer from unforeseen activity peaks that neither a traditional resourcing model nor offloading can address. Harmonic was initially incorporated in California in June as Harmonic Lightwaves, and reincorporated into Delaware in May Ley became chief executive in November Co-founder Moshe Nazarathy led a research and development center named "Harmonic Data" in Israel starting in , funded in part by the Israel-U. Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation.

On December 29, Omneon filed for an initial public offering , [7] [8] and tried again several times in [9] [10] and after dropping the "Video Networks" from its name, [11] but remained private. Video production products are used to support video editing , post-production and finishing.

Harmonic Inc. - Wikipedia

Server systems are used to assemble and play out one or more channel systems. Video processing products are used by media companies, broadcasters, telcos, satellite operators, cable operators, and OTT operators to acquire and use different types and sources of video signals.

HARMONIC - Tralla la (Oficial Video)

Cable edge products are used by cable operators to deliver customized broadcast or on-demand and data services to their subscribers. The company supplies cable television headend or hub devices that receive digital video or data from the operator network, re-packetizes the video or data into an MPEG transport stream, then digitally modulates the MPEG transport stream onto a downstream RF channel using quadrature amplitude modulation QAM.

Harmonic sells its products to cable, satellite and telco, and broadcast and media companies.

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