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Der Spiegel' s circulation rose quickly.


From 15, copies in , it grew to 65, in and , in It was nearly , copies in When the German re-unification in made it available to a new readership in former East Germany , the circulation exceeded one million. The magazine's influence is based on two pillars; firstly the moral authority established by investigative journalism since the early years and proven alive by several impressive scoops during the s; secondly the economic power of the prolific Spiegel publishing house.

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During the second quarter of the circulation of Der Spiegel was 1. In , the circulation of Der Spiegel was 1,, copies.

Der Spiegel had an average circulation of 1,, copies in In Der Spiegel was employing the equivalent of 80 full-time fact checkers , which the Columbia Journalism Review called "most likely the world's largest fact checking operation". When Stefan Aust took over in , the magazine's readers realised that his personality was different from his predecessor.

In , a documentary by Stephan Lamby quoted him as follows: He referred to journalists in general as "rats". Der Spiegel often produces feature-length articles on problems affecting Germany like demographic trends, the federal system's gridlock or the issues of its education system and describes optional strategies and their risks in depth. Der Spiegel has a distinctive reputation for revealing political misconduct and scandals. In the course of this investigation, the editorial offices were raided by police while Rudolf Augstein and other Der Spiegel editors were arrested on charges of treason.

The affair was generally received as an attack on the freedom of the press. Since then, Der Spiegel has repeatedly played a significant role in revealing political grievances and misdeeds, including the Flick Affair.

Required Reading for the Digerati: German Edition of 'Wired' Hits the Newsstands

The Spiegel scandal is now remembered for altering the political culture of post-war Germany and—with the first mass demonstrations and public protests—being a turning point from the old Obrigkeitsstaat authoritarian state to a modern democracy. One of the main criticism of Der Spiegel concerns its use of language.

Wolf Schneider, an eminent journalist and stylist has called Der Spiegel "the biggest mangler of the German language" and used quotations from the magazine as examples of inept German in his style guides. Their criticism was not so much one of linguistic aesthetics as an argument that Der Spiegel "hides and distorts its actual topics and issues by manipulative semantics and rhetoric rather than by reporting and analysing them".

In , however, Enzensberger admitted in a written statement that no other contemporary German magazine attained the Spiegel ' s level of objectivity.

Editorial Reviews

Opinions about the level of language employed by Der Spiegel changed in the late s. After hiring many of Germany's best feature writers, Der Spiegel has become known for its "Edelfedern" "noble quills"—wordsmiths. Der Spiegel ended up joining the ranks of the guardians of proper grammar and jargon with the Zwiebelfisch " printer's pie" column on the magazine's website, which has even produced several best-selling books.

Allegedly, Der Spiegel , which at other times showed no restraint when exposing the Nazi past of public figures, distorted history and covered up for criminals after enlisting insiders hired to write about Third Reich topics. A special 25 March edition of Der Spiegel on Islam was banned in Egypt in April for publishing material deemed by authorities to be insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammed.

Der Spiegel began moving into its current head office in HafenCity in September The facility was designed by Henning Larsen Architects of Denmark. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the online sibling of Der Spiegel, see Spiegel Online. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Hamburg portal Journalism portal.

Retrieved 9 April O'Brien 19 April Archived from the original on 26 February Retrieved 2 January Hoffmann 1 January Media, Arts, and Lifestyle. Retrieved 14 November Not to be outdone, Germany's leading satire magazine Titanic is likewise jumping into the fray with an Islam issue of its own, set for publication later this month.

Germany - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE

The cover story imagines what it might look like if Germany's embattled former first lady, Bettina Wulff, were to make a Muhammad film of her own. Many are concerned that the publication could make Germany even more of a target of Muslim anger than it already is. The Catholic Church initially took legal action against the publication but has since backed down. What do you think of the Muhammad caricatures in the most recent issue of Charlie Hebdo? They aren't the kind of caricatures that could appear in Titanic.

They are relatively simplistic. But given the protests in the Muslim world , during which people have even been killed, the publication of the drawings is a relatively peaceful and harmless reaction. The editors of Charlie Hebdo haven't killed anyone.

It is a touchy situation.

German Satire Magazine Editor Explains Muhammad Issue Decision

On the one hand, the satirists of Charlie Hebdo point to the freedom of the press. On the other hand, however, they are putting wind in the sails of Islamophobes. Nobody wants support from the wrong side.

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If satire simply attracts extremists in a vacuum, then it is right-wing satire. Furthermore, insults without cause are boring.

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When we did the pope cover. But the satirical cover was concretely linked to the Vatileaks affair. Now, everybody is talking about Muhammad and we are reacting. Cheap provocations such as the film "Innocence of Muslims" inflame people around the world -- one can imagine that in such a situation Bettina Wulff eds. We find that objectionable. It could be that not all Muslims around the world will understand your humor.

But we are on the side of the protesters.