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As far as anyone knows, the Nytes have always existed since the Dawn Age. House Nyte are bitter rivals of House Darkoak of Oakridge Hall and alongside them, have served House Grayburn faithfully as bannermen for five centuries. At some point in time, the Nytes allied themselves with the Grayburns. Presumably, the Nytes faced near-extinction at one point and in order to protect themselves, they sought help from the Grayburns.

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They offered the Nytes a sizeable amount of soldiers and weaponry. Since that day, the Nytes chose House Grayburn as their liege lords. Somewhere during House Nyte's supposed founding, the Children of the Forest forged the legendary obsidian blade Nightfall. During the War of Conquest , the Nytes were one of the first houses who surrendered to the Targaryens , out of fear rather than respect. Sometime after the War of Conquest, the Nytes and Darkoaks nearly went into open warfare after a scandal between the two Houses went horribly wrong.

Selwyn Darkoak and Alessa Nyte fell in love with each other, which prompted Alessa's father, Lord Simon Nyte , to march onto Oakridge Hall with a force of fifty men to confront Selwyn's father, Lord Jaremy Darkoak , demanding for Selwyn to be punished and whipped. Jaremy, not standing idly by while his rival insults his son, marched outside with his household guard. It was at this point that Lord Arving Grayburn came to prevent the debacle from escalating further.

After a five-hour long negotiation, Simon stepped down and returned to Darkmyre, but the two lovers were henceforth forbidden from ever seeing each other. In a conversation with his squire Sammith , Carmine Grayburn reveals that House Nyte were his father's oldest bannermen and talks about their rivalry with House Darkoak.

He goes on to tell the story of Lord Trytas' son, Rodrik Nyte , who he claims to have known for "his entire life". Carmine also mentions that, before he was betrothed to Taria Dresden , his father considered betrothing him to Tesha Nyte. The Nyte force lays siege to a Lannister-overrun Stoney Sept , with Rodrik Nyte constantly launching rocks with a white cat's paw painted onto the town to annoy the Lannister general.

As Rodrik expected, the Lannister soldiers turn on their general and kill him in exchange for safe passage off the Riverlands. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Home Reviews All reviews. Terra Relicta is on holidays until 20th September. Thank you for understanding! Album of the month July is: Taphephobia - Watching The Storm Crows.

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Mount Shrine - Winter Restlessness. ProtoU - Phantom Tones. Necromishka - Harm's way. Terra Relicta Top 20 Of I believe that what sets those people apart is their ability to manage themselves. It is the skill to master your perspective, your thought patterns, your thought focus and your feelings. It is imperative to be able to manage your outlook and your inner state at all times because you make different choices and different decisions depending upon how you view a situation and how you feel at the time your decisions are made.

Would you agree that you make different decisions when you feel hopeful, confident, tenacious, strong and determined, and make entirely different decisions when you feel hopeless and helpless, defeated, doubting and pessimistic?

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My biggest eye opener and probably one of the most significant ones was when I realized that my experience about one or another event depended upon how I choose to look at it. I choose what I think and what I focus on, what meaning I give to the events and what I am going to do about them. Nobody and no event has the power to make me feel in any particular way unless I allow it. I am the one who chooses my response, and that depends on my perspective and my interpretation of what it means to me.

We always in our mind communicate to ourselves what things mean to us, how we feel about occurred events and what we are going to do about it all.

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Likewise, in the event of various complex circumstances, we weigh our current situation, ask ourselves why it happened, and make conclusions and decisions for the future. While we are thinking about one or the other situation, we feel certain emotions. Depending on our perspective we will give the meaning to that particular event, and from there follows our emotions and decisions what we are going to do next. Having the same event, we have a choice of how we will look at it and how we will interpret it.

What is he going to do about it? It greatly depends on his perspective. How will Dave feel? Most likely he will feel defeated, not needed, self-insecure, stressed, fearful for his future, not confident to look for another well-paid job. But what if this is an opportunity for him to get a better position?

What if this door closes, so he would open another door to have a career that he really wants? Maybe this is an opportunity for him to apply for the position that he always dreamed about or maybe even create his own business? How will Dave feel having this perspective? Most likely he will feel having a new beginning, intrigued, excited about the change to a better, opportunity to learn new things and improve, eager to take action, curious, hopeful. Having this kind of perspective will make him feel in a whole different way and a very different behavior than in the first case.

A person can have two different perspectives about the same situation and both of them will create totally different outcomes. It is just a game, nothing more. But how we feel about it depends on how we look at it and what gambling game means to us. Also, we can look at it as a waste of time, opening doors to something that can bring a great destruction into our lives and it is just throwing away our money that we can spend on something more meaningful. What if we look at circumstances or occurred events as just the facts?

It is just a plain fact same way as an object. Events, the same way as objects or activities are simply neutral matter and they have both likes and dislikes, depending on what it means to people. Our perspective is the foundation of what meaning we give to the event or any circumstance, and depending on that we will feel about it in a particular way and will choose what we are going to do about it.

Perspective depends greatly on our beliefs. We may believe that we are not good enough and are not really worthy of love and strong family, and we may choose to believe that everybody is worthy and can have it, so we do as well and we will have it when the right time comes. We may have a belief that we will not succeed anyway because we are not worthy of success or we are simply not as lucky as others, and we can believe that success is not a mere luck but a result of our efforts and we will be blessed and will succeed in everything we aim for.

These are just several examples of general beliefs about God, life, love and us as people, which shape our perspective. Belief is nothing more than what we are convinced about, which we can choose as well. I cannot stress enough how critical it is to pay attention and choose your belief and perspective. In order to show it better and make it more real, I will take my own life.

The car accident that I was involved in was something that I could have never expected nor was I ready for such drastic event. I was 22 years old, and this event was a major turning point in my life and my family members. The result of that crash was that I lost a person, who I was dating at the time he was killed , and lost everything that made my life fulfilling.

In addition to losing it all, having multiple injuries and losing both of my legs and having my left arm fully paralyzed, made me totally helpless and not able to take care of myself at all. From being active, joyous and having strong potential to be successful in life, suddenly I found myself helpless in bed not being able to move or do anything independently, except see, feel and speak a little bit. My life was changed overnight. I have heard people had ideas that God has punished me.

Others said probably this was my destiny and I should just accept it. I believed there must be a serious reason why this had happened. I refused to be in self-pity or collect sympathy from others. I was going to live a full life in spite of my injuries. I did not know how my situation could possibly resolve to a better, but I knew that I would live well.

I always had a vision of how I wanted my life to be, believed that it was possible to implement it and did everything I could do to make it become my reality. I set the goals for myself, which step-by-step transformed my life from not being able to speak, move or do anything independently to traveling from Europe to the United States by myself and building my life all over again.

Reward Yourself

I had a vision that I would live a fully active lifestyle in spite of my injuries, consistently worked toward my goal, and today I get to live my dream that seemed nearly impossible. Now, after a while, I clearly see that if I also believed that God has punished me, I would have spent the rest of my life in misery, thinking that I would not have anything beautiful in my destiny.

If I had agreed with people, who had their own beliefs about destiny and told me that I should just accept what had happened and let it be the way it was because such was my fate — probably I would still be spending my days being stuck at home having no access to a full life. If I believed that we can have only that, which circumstances allow, I still would be imprisoned by the walls of my home, watching how my youth pass by me and all I have is a dull existence. My belief shaped the perspective that gave me hope and empowered me to take action to change my circumstances and create the life that I envisioned.

My beliefs strengthened and encouraged me that I would succeed. I did not allow my loss to ruin my desire to live a full joyous life. Opposite, my loss gave a birth within to a burning desire to live and aspiration to achieve my dreams. I did not allow my desperate situation to destroy my faith. Opposite, my faith became stronger than it ever was. My adversity revealed to me the values that I never saw before. My belief and attitude made me strong, persistent and unstoppable.

Tracy Chapman – New Beginning

As all of my above examples show, the same situation can have totally different outcomes, depending on which perspective we choose. Furthermore, based on that we make decisions that shape our lives. But the good thing is that we can change it at any time. If we are aware of our beliefs and our perspective, we can manage it and choose the response that will empower us. If you believe that God does not give you more than you can cope with and there is a reason for everything, it will give you the confidence that you can manage it, and the solution is ahead of you.

To be honest, I was shocked when I realized this in my own life. The quality of your life and your destiny is determined not by the events that take place in your life, but what you do afterward. While you do not have control over other people and a lot of times you do not have control over what happens in your life, you do have a choice of how you look at it all and what you are going to do about it.

Depending on your perspective and decision what you are going to do next, you will have subsequent events and this way you shape your destiny. Therefore, pay close attention to your beliefs and your mindset. What do you believe about the event that is going on right now in your life?

What does this mean to you? Amazing Things that the Lord has done in the past 8 months, made this year extraordinary. May these testimonies of how the Lord answers prayers and how He turns the impossible into possible, encourage you and strengthen your faith. As I reflect on the year that is about to end, I feel pure gratitude. It was an extraordinary year. Finally, I see my dream and my goals coming to a fruition.

The vision that I had several years ago is turning into reality. On my days off from my primary work, I worked with the content up to 10 and at times 15 hours straight. Interesting coincidence — I finished editing process a night before my move with a friend to a new apartment! With that, I opened a new chapter. I am grateful for the new apartment that Anzhelika and I got. When I went to my Apartments manager to ask if I could move to a 2-bedroom apartment on the first floor, she said there were no apartments available, and there would be no openings in the near future.

But I knew the Lord could re-arrange the availability and suggested to my friend to pray about it. So we began praying for God to make apartment available for us if there was truly His will for us to live together. He can change any circumstances. We love our new home! Anzhelika stepped out in faith and moved to Santa Rosa, leaving her secure job. Anzhelika, contrary to her personality of making sure she has everything securely lined up and in order, to her surprise she felt totally at peace, even though she had no idea where and how she would get a new job.

And, the first miracle was instant — it turned out that her company had a branch office right here in Santa Rosa, and her employer did what they never did before — they allowed her to work from the branch office and work there as long as she finds a new job. Then, after weeks of searching for a new job, Anzhelika received an offer to join one company that she liked. When we prayed to the Lord about this new offered job, we told Him that we wanted to be sure it is from Him. And, after the interview, Anzhelika told me the news — they offered a higher pay and much better benefits than she had before, she would have flexibility in her schedule and yes, they were willing to wait for her until she returns from vacation, even though there was another candidate for her position, who was more experienced in the field and could begin work as soon as the next day!

So, that determined the decision.: There was a valuable lesson in this. But, it is not that easy to say it when you have nothing and to remain at peace, having unshakable faith that no matter how desperate it seems — the Lord will provide. The Lord is never late, and He provides. Those who wait on the Lord and trust in Him will not be ashamed. It was quite a surprise to receive a letter that I was nominated and chosen to receive the award. I never aimed for any awards or special acknowledgments. I just love life. And, I make a continuous effort to make the best out of what I have and improve my life, to fulfill my purpose.

But it was thrilling to stand on a stage with the Senator Mike McGuire and receive the award. Then, my Mom visited me in California again. It was heartbreaking to leave my family and I long for them daily. But, now we had fun! The majesty of Yosemite mountains and waterfalls are breathtaking! And then, for my Birthday, Anzhelika, Mom and I went on the adventure — luxury day vacation in Jamaica! Exotic island, bright sun, turquoise water, palm trees, swimming with dolphins… That was quite a vacation, which will definitely stay in our memories forever. And now, when I was in a water giving a kiss to a dolphin Susie, it brought me to tears.

Never give up on your life. Choose to fight for your life no matter how hard it will be. It will require relentless effort and a lot of times pain and exhaustion. Then, after delightful vacation and seeing off my Mom back to Lithuania, I went back to focus and disciplined daily work with the book, doing the second round of editing with another editor, and this time focus was on grammar and polishing it. I had to go through entire over pages manuscript, checking every sentence, every word. After countless hours of work, on October 30th I submitted the manuscript to the publisher.

It all came from an inspiration, from an idea. I never considered myself to be an author. I had no idea how to write a book! But I followed the inspiration and did what I was inspired to do. This project was quite a test of faith and my faithfulness to the work I had to do.

It was 7 years of hard relentless work not knowing how in the world I was going to publish it. I had no editor nor did I have the money to publish it. And here you are. I began praying to the Lord, thanking Him for bringing the editor, but now the question was — where the money was going to come from?

I had no idea. But I knew the Lord could do the impossible, and I asked Him to provide the money to pay the editor and to publish it. After hearing the last updates on the book, he said he would like to sponsor the book publishing. I told him not to rush to this step because this was a lot of money.

I suggested going pray about it first.