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Orthographically similar words Kannibale , Kannibalin. Forum discussions containing the search term Does not that sights take a tooth out of the cannibal's jaw? Last post 06 Sep 10, In need of language advice? Get help from other users in our forums. Beliebte Suchbegriffe to provide issue consider approach trotzdem Vorschlag Angebot. Im Web und als APP.

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I'll have to find time to learn it in the future. I was born and raised in Germany, but to an American family. I just recently started using German again after six years. I took some liberties with grammar and word choice.

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For example, I translated "tod" as death because it seemed more natural to an English audience. Kind of like how "99 Luftballoons" is typically translated to "99 red balloons" in English versions. Thanks for the edits, I'm working hard to provide rough translations that I expect will become better as I relearn German. The translation does contain a lot of mistakes.

"Kannibalen" in English

The lyrics are pretty difficult, even I as a native speaker have trouble with some parts because of its style. You should better begin with something easier. Well, an example for one of the many mistakes: You were a necrophiliac.

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Thanks for the information! I realized the song was quite complex pretty early on but expected the rough translation I provided would be expanded on by other users over time.

Mysterien der Menschheit - Kannibalismus [GERMAN DOKU]

Please make corrections as you see fit! Become a translator Request new lyrics translation.

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Login Registration Sign In. Kannibale 2 translations Translations: Death arouses my spirit, you've laughed at it, because our lovemaking. My heart is dead , no blood, you have chosen it in your wild lust , you adorn yourself with my corpse. Death is my sight, you have embodied it, as you captured the true hatred, in my view. You are cannibal , you feast on a man all the years, It is your life's work.

Death ignites my word, you have burned it because it does not please you , my old action game.