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Father meaning the Kings,. There are traps involved as well. If the bloodline goes to a King and stops there, then the ruler of that Kingdom might think that you are a usurper of the throne and kill you. So it is a good idea to say that you are looking for the Saints Blessing not the crown. Unless you of course are planning to take the crown and are laying a foundation in the church that would claim you are the true heir to the Kingdom based on the lineage that led to the crown. Also, as in the first veneration there are two saints.

But in the veneration the title is given only to Saint Adele of Flanders. Another point to make is that all the people listening might hear their surname. If so they as well as the person making the veneration would be able to have the bloodline to the Saint. Another idea is that a long veneration of say 15 different surnames might not be as strong as a veneration of say 3 different Surnames. This text is concerned with all the saints in alphabetical order. There are other publications by Starr Books where the venerations are put together by families.

They are basically the same venerations. Navigations are usually started with a veneration, and then the relationship to the Saint or Blessed such as Father of or Grandfather of or Sister or Brother of enables the reader to go up in the Ancestors, Past, or in other words Father and then go down or sideways or wherever to get to the Saint.

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The above chart shows the Saint or King and the number of related Saints and Blessed. It is expected of the Reader to do his or her genealogy to each or any of these Saints, and then add the other or so navigations. These Saints are not Dead. They are people who the Vatican or others made into a Worship that comes down from Heaven. Thats right the Saints are in Heaven, raised to the Altars. When a Person dies, if there is a cause he or she is first made Servant of God. Then made a Venerable. Then made a Beatus. The Author was one of them. He is a great King because he married the Queen of Sheba who adds the Ramsey's line to the House of David and his wife has a lot to do with pregnant women.

The line from Jesse includes Jerimoth the son of Abigail, who was the daughter of Jesse.

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So Abigail is added to line of Kings. King Reheboam also married the line from the dark angel of Death Uriel, who is from the line of Uriah whose line goes to Astarte. Also King Asa is associated with Jezebel, so that line from Itabaal is added here. I became interested in the history books such as the Antiquities of the Jews and the lineages of the successful prophets of the old testament of the Bible, as well as reading the Christian books that did not make it into the canon.

I thought it appropriate to include these lines in charts that are easily read and publish the works making them available all over the world. It is my hope that the books will contribute to a a peaceful world of coexisting human beings where the problems of thirst and hunger are solved by a united world government.

My books could inspire or send someone soaring into a new existence with ideas that are not new but have been protected from the illiterate for generations. To be honest these books could not have been written without the computer aided genealogy programs and the selfless dedication of the genealogy community to uncover the secrets of the past.

Starr Books was founded by the author, an Engineer by profession and trade, and the books were a result of a genealogy hobby that led to published works , first as CD's offered as PDF's and finally as published works in the Self Publishing Book Industry. After thorough research of the subject of genealogy, I was able to find Kings, other Royalty and Cloth.

I decided to make a list of Saints and publish them for sale, distributing them as books on CD. I soon began publishing hard copy books. Recent Pilgrimages to the Vatican and Plymouth Rock have opened up a new type of book for Starr Books, Pictorial Essays, with two of these published in The Genealogy hobby has also lead to the honor of becoming a member of many societies and organizations such as the General Society of Mayflower Descendants and the Sons of the American Revolution.

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In I moved back to my home state. Starr Books is selling books, and I find time to write. With Some of the Collages from the other works on Collages. Originally published in Black and White, Color brings out her beauty. Lineage of the Saints is about some of the Saints and their Lineage. Why did they become a Saint?

It might be because of their lineage. Most of these Lineages were found on the internet.

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Have a patron saint? Many Kings and Queens, Emperors, etc.

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Each Saint is entered into the book by the day of celebration or feastday starting with January and ending with December. Very good book for a Daily Devotion.

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The book is about the Relationships of Galilee where about people had names, like 8 different people named James, 14 named Judas, 10 named Simon, Many named Joseph, Mary, Ann, Salome, Alexander or Alexandra, Jacob, John even about 12 with the name of theb lord. Also many different subjects written about christianity topics. The Book has Saints who are everyone's ancestors. Each Saint has a list of notable descendents and ancestors.