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My partner and I originally hadn't heard of this attraction but our tour with 'Into the Glacier' was cancelled and we decided to look around the area for something to do. We were very lucky to find this - it truly made our day. We had an amazing tour guide - Emilia, who really made the experience. Emilia knows her stuff and made brilliant jokes the whole way - we had helmets and lights on which gave it a very adventure-y feel without being too dangerous. It was very cold in the tunnel but luckily we had been prepared for that!


My highlight from the trip was definitely when we were m into the tunnel and we all turned our headlights off! A captivating, knowledgeable guide and a beautiful natural phenomenon. Plus I feel I've learnt something about volcanos and lava! I would highly recommend it. A good spacious car park on arrival, with lovely open views, there was a new building with toilet facilities and tables and chairs to sit and you could also buy drinks there. All very clean and modern. The tour was excellent.

Tour Iceland's Mightiest Lava Cave

The cave has recently had a board walk put down so easy to walk except for the end of the tour where you need to walk on the ground. The guide was very friendly and had good knowledge. We went on the shorter tour but after wished we went on the 4 hour trip, but we do love caves. Defiantly worth the visit if you want a tick on the 'to do list' for lava tunnels. Visiting The Cave was my favorite part of our trip to Iceland! It is a guided 1. Our tour guide had studied geology and was very informative and entertaining! Highly recommended for those interested in science and nature.

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It is amazing to be down in the cave! You have to travel down a gravel road over lava fields to get there. The visitor center was clean and modern - with restrooms, snacks and drinks available for purchase, friendly staff who fully explain the experience before you purchase your tickets.

Tour Iceland's Mightiest Lava Cave

Their prices are on par with other tours in the area and I found it to be fully worth it! The stairs and platforms in the cave are sturdy and well-made. Bring gloves and warm clothes, and keep in mind it's much colder in the cave than above ground. Jack, Top and Tyler discover a cavern littered with human skeletons and realize that this is the ancient battleground depicted in the abbey above, which sealed the cave to prevent the creatures from escaping.

After they see daylight through the underwater passage ahead, Tyler goes back to find the others, but Briggs dies defending Katheryn and Alex, while the creatures enter the cavern and steal the rebreathers necessary to navigate the passage. Alex is killed before they can get in the water, but Tyler, Katheryn and Top escape while Jack stays behind to hold off the creatures.

The three survivors return to civilization, and Top goes his own way. Tyler asks Katheryn if Jack could have survived out in the open. She is quiet a moment then says she had thought that the parasite could only survive underground, but now she is uncertain and thinks that it wants to get out. She bends down to kiss him, looking over the rim of her sunglasses revealing pupils like Jack's as she has begun to mutate. As Katheryn suddenly gets up and walks away, Tyler realizes that Katheryn knows she is infected with the parasite and intends to remain free, able to infect others.

He runs after her frantically, but she disappears in the crowd. The consensus on Rotten Tomatoes is, "Despite its stylized and impressive sets, this horror-monster movie mish-mash suffers from endless cliches and wildly implausible plotlines.


But whereas those films managed to inject new life into tired territory, The Cave , his first effort as director, fails to generate anything resembling innovation. Also, the single Nemo by Nightwish is featured during the end credits of the film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The Cave - Gameplay Walkthrough - Episode 1

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It is Iceland ́s largest and most spectacular - it is the Cave Víðgelmir

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