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Dragons, kidnapping, giant bugs, poisons and meeting a sister she thought dead make for quite the short layover for an active D. Raised for one purpose, Emerald is pulled between two facts. One, she doesn't want to live in a lab forever, and two, her sisters are disappearing into the dimensions they have worked in.


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When she meets two males of her kind, she has to make a choice and doesn't even hesitate. Her choice has to release her to win her, a conflict he has to wrestle with while she returns to the lab. Opalite has struggled to keep her self-contained while she travels and retrieves lost humans.

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Meeting up with a shackled dragon male has upset her attempts to keep her life under her control. When her association with him gets the attention of her handlers, the humans charge her with manhandling one of their own. Defending herself would be hard enough with one witness on her side, but alone against the humans, what chance does she have?

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Instead of going back to Earth after one of her targets shoots her with a poison-tipped dart, Sapphire takes her mother's advice and seeks out the greatest healer their people have. When five males arrive to convince her that Galen is not the right dragon for her, will Sapphire run for cover or will she fight alongside the dragon who saved her life and preserved her freedom to choose. Buy from Amazon Buy from our partners. Meeting one of her own kind is a shock, but his determination to help her gain her freedom is even more of a stunning revelation.

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He offers her a life without walls, in the sun, and wind in her hair. What dragon could resist?


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