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Always a troubled girl, it becomes clear that she has multiple personalities struggling for dominance within her, and she must grapple with external trauma as well as her own self-destructive urges. In this historical novel, Bloom dramatizes the love affair between Eleanor Roosevelt and journalist Lorena Hickok.

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  7. In her measured but strongly argued pieces, she takes on American self-mythologizing, the role of faith and values in our history and the roots of our divided politics. Desperate to make the most of their final days together, he takes a job traveling the country as a census taker. They form a fast friendship, only to be torn apart.

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    Ausubel, known for her darkly whimsical fiction, is publishing her second short story collection. It will feature 11 stories, divided into four subsections: We could not be more excited. She traces his mental perambulations as he immerses himself in family photographs and stories, studies modern masculinity and loses himself in his own circling thoughts and emotions.

    Years later, that long-estranged friend dies by suicide, and the remaining five gather again to untangle what went wrong, what secrets she was holding onto and what secrets are in their own pasts.

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    Best loved for her funny, sharp short stories, Moore will release a nonfiction collection of her criticism and essays this spring. Dean offers a new, women-centric perspective on 20th century American public thought in this history of 10 women whose writing influenced the culture profoundly, including Pauline Kael, Nora Ephron, Joan Didion, and Janet Malcolm.

    Thompson-Spires plumbs the depths of black trauma, but also works in a comic mode, satirizing the way Americans think and talk about race, gender, class and more. She was 14 years old when her tennis coach, Gary Wilensky, tried to kidnap a young student, failed and then took his own life. In this book, Weiss looks back on her own youthful time with Wilensky, and reexamines the case itself. From this heartbreaking premise, Alam plumbs still more heartbreaking questions about the power and limitations of maternal love, and the implacable persistence of racial divides. A string quartet, and the four young friends that form it, pursue musical success and personal happiness in a coming-of-age novel about four people coming to grips with themselves, the lives they want and their relationships with each other.

    Khakpour, a novelist and writer, suffered from a mysterious chronic illness for years before she got a diagnosis. Sail 25 and Other Stories. Classic Martian Stories, Vol. Poul William Anderson, Collection.

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    Day Of Honor Omnibus. The Delights of Spanking. Too Fast For Love: Classic Science Fiction Collection: Beam Piper, Andre Norton, H.

    The Actor's Book of Classical Monologues. Strange New Worlds The Lives Of Dax. Daniel Tiger's 3-Minute Bedtime Stories. How to Write a Play. An Anthology of Early English Literature.

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    The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History. Tales of Paranormal Lust. The Golden Age of Pulp Fiction.

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    Classic Poetry Collection Vol. Love Poems from God. Some of the Best From Tor. Tales of the Slayer, Vol. SCE Omnibus Book 3: The Portable Enlightenment Reader. New Irish Short Stories. The Olive Fairy Book. Illustrated - Crime, Suspense, Detective fiction. The Best Of Detective Fiction: Collection Of English Poetry: William Blake, Elizabeth B.

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