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Today he's out on his own, setting up practice on the wrong side of town. Then his best friend and former colleague is charged with a brutal double murder, and Daley is instantly catapulted into a high-profile investigation involving the prestigious law firm that just booted him. As he prepares his case, Daley uncovers the firm's dirtiest secrets. A lethal pathogen appears on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Samantha Bower of the Centers for Disease Control is handed the case and asked to investigate its origins and containment. Samantha discovers a lethal pathogen unlike any she has encountered in her lifetime.

Extremely contagious with a mortality rate higher than any disease ever recorded, it is an extinction level event. A man with an intimate knowledge of the microorganism offers her help. But Samantha Bower begins to suspect he is not who he says he is. There is no job description and the job isn't advertised anywhere, not even on the Job Board at Georgetown Law. He is so broke he has to borrow his roommate's suit for his first job interview.

Chains of Darkness

While he is so desperate to earn rent and food money, he fails to nail down exactly what it is he'll be doing. A killer stalks the city of San Diego, brutally slaying women on the fringes of society. The body of a young woman torn apart in her bedroom makes even the hardened detectives of the San Diego PD's Homicide Unit tremble with disgust and rage. His former partner, Eli Sherman, was the original detective assigned to the case - before he was discovered to be one of San Diego's most ruthless serial killers.

Stanton was unable to see Sherman for what he was and blames himself for the murders he committed while on the force. Near death, Stanton swears that he will never wear the badge again. But with a depraved killer eluding the best the San Diego PD has to offer, he must once again fight to uncover a killer that leaves no evidence behind, and that has turned his attention to new prey What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

Neurotic cop hunting serial killer in San Diego so let's portray him in a bored ironic inflected semi-British voice. The narrator reads "he took two bullets and tumbled off the balcony" exactly the same as "he looked in the refrigerator to see what he had to drink. Others in the story are read quite well and sound realistic, including the women, but that's not enough to hold the book together, So I agreed with the narrator that this was all veddy veddy boring and quit listening midway.

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Who would you have cast as narrator instead of Wayne Farrell? I think Farrell could probably do this book very well, based on how he handled everyone but the main character. Too bad he choose such a ridiculous treatment for the protagonist. If the center doesn't hold, the story collapses. I have no idea why I finished this book. The narrator was so s-l-o-w and passionless that the book just seemed to crawl along to finally nowhere. I rarely criticize a narrator because even a good, plain reading is ok with me. As for the story, it was basic but so full of characters mostly corrupt at varying levels that it was a bit hard to follow.

The transitions from one stage to another and from one character to another were abrupt and added to the overall lack of cohesiveness. Moreover, the essential corruption at the core of the policemen portrayed is ill-timed. I'm sorry I finished the book since it left me with a generalized bad feeling, even sadness.

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The book takes place in the U. Fist series is free on the Kindle. Give it a Try. Jon Stanton Books In Order. Mitch Rapp is back! Kyle Mills takes Rapp on another outing inspired by real life tensions. The president of Russia, Maxim Krupin, has inoperable brain cancer and decides with nothing to lose he's going to start a war with the West.

The only way to stop him? Send Mitch Rapp in! This is going to be Rapp at his best and the new book comes out October 2nd. Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations. We'll base this on various factors for example "If you like Jack Reacher Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. One of my favourite series is the Brilliance Saga by Marcus Sakey and it is our featured series of the month.

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It's just an incredible light sci-fi series that fans of "Dark Matter" would also enjoy. It's free on Kindle Unlimited too! Any authors or characters we're missing that we should add? Let us know - we're continually adding new authors and characters daily. Monthly Poll How often do you recommend the books you read? The more I read by Victor Methos, the more I enjoy his writing skills. Thus far, this is the best novel.

The White Angel Murder

Full of suspense, police corruption, and twists you never see connected. Great story flow and love the honesty and integrity of the main character against all the corruption surrounding him. This author is phenomenal! May 01, Jerry Hatfield rated it liked it. I couldn't read two of these in a row. Exposes the underbelly of sex crimes and police departments.

The Neon Lawyer

I have read three of Methos' books. This was the roughest. With toned down graphics and language, I would have given this 5 stars. Sep 03, Patricia Dinsmore rated it it was amazing. A Better Police Story Definitely recommend. The story is well-paced and exciting. It's obviously had good editing. I'm looking for more along this storyline. Dec 18, Kattia Chavarria rated it liked it. Too many bad languaje and sex. I like Victor's style. I met his work with the Neon Lawyer and the Invisible Client. Those books are fantastic. No need for dirty details at all.

This Stanton book is not what I would like to read. I give up on this series. I will stick to the lawyer's series. Those I can even read them to my teenager nieces. Aug 30, Majordad rated it really liked it. Excellent change of genres, Victor Methos shows his depth Having started with Victor's lawyer series, I took a chance on a police thriller. Fast paced, a quick read, but quite entertaining. I love the ways Methos develops multiple villains and sub plots throughout his works.

Makes it difficult to figure out who done in until the last chapters. Mar 05, David Leach rated it it was ok. The LDS stuff is over the top. Jun 26, Robyn Middleton rated it did not like it. This is a fraud I began reading this book because it was a thriller. I don't pick my reading material for bible study. If I wanted to read about religion, I would have found that section in the book store. Mar 14, RangerGirl rated it really liked it. I like this author and, except for a few minor errors, this was a great read. Pamela Dallas instead of Zoe on the missing persons report.

Picked up the next in the series. Mar 18, Toni Rose rated it really liked it.

Paperback Editions

San Diego setting A police story not set in the mean streets of Los Angeles. Not since Joseph Wambaugh has San Diego been a setting for a cop with a conscious. First time I've read about a Mormon cop. I'm ready for 2! Sep 21, Rachel Clayson rated it it was amazing. Gotta admit, as a Mormon reader, I am used to people not really doing their research. I was pleasantly surpised!

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I have a sneaking suspicion about the next book though Feb 22, Prashant Murlidharan rated it it was ok. Story tends to drag As the story progresses it feels dragged and streached. Could have created a little more suspence to keep the reader hooked on to the book. Oct 05, Jane C. Anderson rated it it was amazing. White Angel Murder An all consuming detective murder story with more twists and turns than you can keep up with!

Try to figure out the ending. Sep 24, dody perry rated it it was amazing. It was hard to put down. Would like more books by this author It was hard to put down. Would like more books by this author.

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Will it show more books by Stanton? Apr 17, zane m dotson rated it it was amazing. Good read Methods tells really engrossing stories. I have e joyed all his book that I've read so far and look forward to reading more. Victor Methos knew he would be a lawyer at the age of 13, when his best friend was interrogated by the police for over eight hours and gave a confession to a crime he didn't commit.